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Welcome Back, Madame Chamberlaine

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By: Tzipie Wolner

ISBN: 9781614659709

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Madame Chamberlaine is back!

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Hopelessly lost in the mountains? Caught in a Chanukah party blackout? On an eerie overnight in the woods?

Mais oui, mes amies…

Madame Chamberlaine has arrived!

When Madame Chamberlaine—with her tinkling laugh, pink tasseled scarves, and delicious homemade pastries—visits sisters Shprintzi and Shuly, even a simple day becomes extraordinary. Follow along as they visit a fancy French resort, make an emergency landing in a flying car, milk a farm full of cows, and more.

Talented author Tzipie Wolner has crafted a collection of exciting and hilarious adventures that are sure to entertain. Fans of her series in Mishpacha Junior as well as new readers will love both the classic and never-before-published tales in this long-awaited sequel to Meet Madame Chamberlaine. So let’s begin—on commence!


Hardcover / 144 pages

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Publisher Meucha Publishers