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Thirty-Two Gates

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By: Rav Dovber Pinson

ISBN: 9780991472093

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Into the Heart of Kabbalah and Chassidus

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What is authentic Kabbalah? What did the Chassidic teachings innovate?

Finally, a book that introduces and explains the most basic precepts of this ancient wisdom, in a practical, user-friendly way.

Through the 32 gates of awareness, from The Infinite Source of all life -- to finite, immediate creation, Rav Pinson guides us along the map of creation and existence according to the deeper teachings of Torah.

Words and concepts that are often confusing and esoteric -- such as; the Ten Sefiros, Ein Sof, Tzimtzum and the various Names of the Divine -- are demystified in this text, offering us a true gateway into a higher awareness and a more fulfilling existence.

Each chapter is a gate to be opened and explored, and concludes with an affirmation that allows the reader to internalize the knowledge so it becomes understandable, relatable and transformational.


Hardcover / 238 Pages 

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