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The Soul

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By: Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

ISBN: 9781592644766

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What do we know about that mysterious entity called the soul? Occasionally, in the monotony of daily life, we feel our soul trying to speak to us. Sometimes it communicates through suffering, which forces us to acknowledge our inner spiritual world, while at other times, in a sudden moment of illumination, we discover a completely new perspective on our existence.

In The Soul, Rabbi Steinsaltz, author of the groundbreaking translation of the Talmud and one of the preeminent sages of our generation, reveals some of the spiritual mysteries that lie beyond the reach of the intellect. The Soulshows us how we can become sensitized to our souls, how we can understand its faint but persistent calling and use it to open new vistas in our own lives


Hardcover / 140 Pages

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