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The Month of Shevat: Elevated Eating & Tu b'Shevat

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By: Rabbi Dovber Pinson

ISBN: 9780991472062

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The Month of Shevat: Elevated Eating & Tu b'Shevat Click to Enlarge

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Each month of the year radiates with a distinct quality and provides unique opportunities for personal growth and illumination.

Shevat falls decidedly in the winter season, yet it also signals the first stirrings of spring and new life. The midpoint of the month, Tu b’Shevat, is a day we celebrate as the “New Year of the Trees”, which represents the awakening of the sap that has lain dormant all winter.

The mental, emotional, and spiritual objective of this month is to create healthy relationships with our physical appetites - and most specifically with food.


Hardcover / 138 pages

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