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Teacher Troubles for Jelly Eli Z.

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By: David A. Adler

ISBN: 9781614653615

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Is Jelly Eli in trouble?

Teacher Troubles for Jelly Eli Z. Click to Enlarge

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Eli Zipperbaum, better known as Jelly Eli Z., is a great kid, but he doesn’t always pay attention in class. He would rather daydream and eat his jelly beans while Mr. Moscowitz discusses how many children George Washington had. But then something strange happens that does grab Jelly Eli’s full attention. It starts with his teacher staring at him, during class. Then the principal peeks through the window and stares at him, too. Is Jelly Eli in some kind of trouble? But why?

Meet Jelly Eli and his friends in the first book in this engaging new series by David A. Adler.


Hardcover / 64 pages

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Publisher Meucha Publishers