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Inside The Yeshivah

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By: Rabbi Mordechai Sultan

ISBN: 9781614658047

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Yeshivah life is a thrilling journey with endless potential for growth. But it can be hard to maintain the incredible geshmak and enthusiasm. Are you prepared to give it your all? This groundbreaking guide speaks straight to the yeshivah bachur, empowering him with a solid understanding of highly relevant topics, such as staying motivated in shiur and avoiding burnout, choosing the right chavrusa and connecting to rabbeim, and dealing with dating, homesickness, self-esteem, and more. Being a ben Torah is a challenge, an opportunity, and most importantly, a privilege. Popular educator Rabbi Mordechai Sultan invites you to take a step Inside the Yeshivah — and get the most out of your amazing and irreplaceable yeshivah years.



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Publisher Meucha Publishers