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Field of Dreams

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By: Miriam Luxenberg

ISBN: 978-1-60091-554-3

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Alone in Nazi Europe, after their mother is dragged away and their father's whereabouts remain unknown, three young Jewish brothers are left to navigate an upside-down world.

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Weathering strange encounters, from greedy French black marketeers, to crusty, yet good-hearted Jewish partisans, twelve-year-old Kalonymus Sperling is forced to take the lead. What's it like to become your brothers' parent and protector, when you're still a child yourself?

Twins Berl and Fisch Rosenfeld desperately want to help the boys escape from Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark, but at this rate, the twins may not make it out alive either!

Can this motley collection of brothers possibly survive? And will anything be left of them if they do? Is it even possible to find happiness, once you've lost it all?

Compelling, true-to-life characters, a twisting plot, and a sparkle of wise, well-placed humor all come together to make Miriam Luxenberg's latest novel a riveting read.

Don't miss Victory Garden, the captivating prequel that reveals the fascinating history of these colorful characters.


Hardcover / 296 Pages

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Publisher Israel Bookshop Publications