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Bike for Sale

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By: Bracha Rosman

ISBN: 978-1-60091-574-1

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Lay-Lay Series #2: Making the Best of What You Have

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Lay-Lay wants a new bike, like her friend Nechami has. But she doesn't really need a new bike, so right now, all she has is her old one. Unless...she can sell her old bike and then use that money to buy a new one! Can she do that?

It's not as simple as she thinks...

Join Lay-Lay, her brother Heshy, and her sister Mimi as they use creative means to try making Lay-Lay's bike as attractive and marketable as possible—only to be in for a real surprise at the end!

A fun and engaging read for children, by beloved author Bracha Rosman.

Illustrator: Michal Hodaya Rotterman


Hardcover / 24 pages

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Publisher Israel Bookshop Publications