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Al Pi Darko - On His Path

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By: Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg

ISBN: 9781680252651

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Principles in Chinuch from the Weekly Parashah

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In Al Pi Darko: On His Path, Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg turns to the weekly parashah as a springboard for highlighting the best and most practical methods in Torah chinuch.

First and foremost a mussar sefer, this book is also a source of deep chizuk and encouragement. It is permeated with the awareness of Hashem's constant assistance - after all; our children are his children as well! Hashem is with us, by our side and on our side, as we strive to build healthy Torah environments in which we and our children are inspired to grow and thrive lovingly, patiently, and by example.

Al Pi Darko: On His Path is a remarkable book of Torah wisdom, written with insight and humor and filled from cover to cover with the warmth of unswerving optimism and faith in the inherent goodness of our children. It is an indispensable chinuch resource for today's Jewish homes and schools.

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Publisher Feldheim Publishers